Cornelius Annor


Cornelius Annor, Expecting, 2020, Acrylic, fabric and fabric transfer on canvas, 116 x 127 cm


Cornelius Annor (b. 1990)  is a  portrait and figurative painter and an art teacher. He completed his fine art studies at Ghanatta College of Art and Design. From an early age, Annor had a strong fascination for the human face and figure and constantly sketched the faces of his family, friends and even strangers he encountered. With the encouragement of his college art teachers and family, Annor fully realized that his career was evolving around portraiture and figurative paintings. During his college days in Ghanatta, he focused on painting classes.

Annor has a keen sense of observation, and an ability to bring out the beauty of a human figure. He succeeds in his artistic endeavors thanks to his appreciation of human differences, his generosity, and his desire to understand others. He has a special ability to express and bring life in a painting. C.Annor studio is used to nurture the talents in young and upcoming artists.

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