Kwesi Botchway



Botchway is interested in depicting compelling figurative portrait paintings from different generations. His point of focus is the Eyes, Nose and Mouth which is where our emotions are best portrayed, Botchway also believes it helps us better visually experience one another’s feelings; an exchange of information without using words.

His Paintings help create an intriguing dialogue between the subject’s message and the viewer. Botchway work compels the viewer to become physically and emotionally invested in the subject’s story. He aims to capture the spirit, essence and heritage of his subjects and use this as an opportunity to lend the world a glance into the lives and struggles of people whose stories are yet to be fully told.

His paintings are meant to trigger emotions of pride or shame, honor or disgust and sometimes even humor, It’s all about the story of his subjects, which words cannot fully explain.

Kwesi Botchway, is the Founder of worldfaze art studio. He was born in Accra-Ghana and studied Art, at the (Ghanatta College of Art and Design).



Ghanatta College of art and Design (Group - Art Center 2014)

Ghana national Museum (Group) 2015

Golden Tulip Hotel (2015)

Novica Gallery

Dzala Butiq (Brazil House) 2016

Chalewote Street Art Festival (Spirit Robot) 2016

Hos Oona Galleri og Sundhed ( Denmark) 2016

Lets Talk shit project 2016 (alliance francaise - Accra)

Africa Contemporary Art Gabah 2016 (Germany,Hamburg)

555 Art exhibition 2016

Ghana Culture Forum / National Theatre (Group 2017)

Qaba Exhibition (Alliance Francaise 2017)

Chalewote street art festival ( wata mata 2017)

Hos Oona Galleri & Sundhed 2017 Denmark

Artist Alliance Gallery 2018

Chalewote Street Art Festival (PARAOTHER2018)

James Town Café Exhibition (Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall visit to Ghana 2018)

Sabolai Radio Music Festival 2019 (Graffiti Mural)

Chalewote Street Art Festival (Pidginimaginarium 2019)

Cgunu/Nkambom Art Exhibition south africa, Cape Town 2020


GUBA Awards USA Nominee - Influential Artist 2019

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