Oliver Okolo



Okolo Oliver (b.1992) is a self-taught artist from Nigeria. He is a full time studio artist currently living in Abuja, Nigeria. He studied in Caritas University where he gained a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations and personnel management in 2016. But he decided to follow his desires to become an artist.

Intrigued by the mysteries of the human figure as a unique work of nature, He uses the human figure to create artworks that talk about his opinions and views about the things he feels is neglected or not spoken about in his society. Continuing to feel the desire/need for artist growth, in 2016, he studied and worked in the atelier of Clement Nwafor, a master in painting and drawing.

Okolo works in many artistic mediums but has a preference for charcoal medium because of its versatility and the textures it creates, he uses simple shading techniques like crosshatching to create realistic drawings.
He devotes much time in his studio to the study of his artistic technique and search for continuous improvement of his expressive capabilities.

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