18 July, 2016

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair to host talk at Gallery 1957 in Accra, Sunday 21 August 2016, 11am

Founding Director Touria El Glaoui speaks about 1:54 art fair and chairs a panel discussion exploring practices in collecting contemporary African art. Speakers include: Tutu Agyare (Collector and Co-Founder of Nubuke Foundation); Professor Ablade Glover (Artist and Founder of Artists Alliance Gallery); Kerryn Greenberg (Tate Modern, Curator - International Art); and Marwan Zakhem (Collector and Founder of Gallery 1957). With editions in London and New York, 1:54 is a platform for galleries, artists, curators, art centres and museums involved in African and Africa related projects and aims to promote art by established and emerging talents amongst an international audience. To attend, RSVP here.

28 June, 2016

Gallery 1957 announced as one of the participating galleries at the 4th edition of 1:54 Art Fair in London

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair has announced the galleries exhibiting in the fourth edition of the London fair, taking place in Somerset House from 6 – 9 October. The fair, which has editions annually both in London and New York, has generated enormous global discussions on Contemporary African Art over the four years since its inception. Gallery 1957 will be presenting a solo booth of works by Serge Attukwei Clottey, one of seventeen new galleries debuting at this year’s show.

For more information read the press release here

20 June, 2016

The cultural capital here is outrageous

Mantse Aryeequaye from ACCRA [dot] alt describes the impact of recent cultural developments in Accra on the artistic community. With an overview of the key institutions harboring local talent, Artsy explores how the championing of local artists has widened public perceptions of art in the country.

Read the full article here.

17 June, 2016

The art of Ghana in Financial Times

In this in depth survey of Gallery 1957 and its associated artists, this article explores the birthplace of numerous international favorites including El Anatsui and Ibrahim Mahama. While African art is growing in prominence on international platforms, African art scenes are demanding more attention also.

Read the article here

10 June, 2016

TRUE Africa meets Marwan Zakhem and Nana Oforiatta Ayim ahead of the opening of Zohra Opoku’s Sassa

In this article, TRUE Africa interviews Gallery founder Marwan Zakhem, Creative Driector Nana Oforiatta Ayim and Gallery 1957 artist Zohra Opoku. The piece explores the impact of Accra and the region on the artistic practice of Ghanaian German artist Zohra Opoku; and in turn, what impact Gallery 1957 has on the creative scene in Accra several months after its opening.

Read the rest of the article here.

7 June, 2016

Inside the Ghana Space Station, The Charle Wote Stairway to Blofogme Mang

Co-Founder of ACCRA [dot] ALT Mantse Aryeequaye discusses the organisation’s work and The Chale Wote Street Art Festival. Attended by over 10,000 people, the festival provides an alternative platform that brings together over 200 artists across art, music, dance and performance in James Town, Accra. To attend, RSVP here.

6 June, 2016

Jeremiah Quarshie will be the next artist to exhibit at Gallery 1957 in August

In August, Jeremiah Quarshie will be exhibiting a series of large-scale hyper-realistic portraits in an exhibition which comments on the implications of the enduring water-shortage in Ghana. Yellow is the Colour of Water will be Quarshie’s first solo show. The portraits depict women, surrounded by yellow jerry cans; Quarshie is concerned with the gender roles in the community “traditional roles have been modernized but maintained, in a way” he explains.

Read more from Quarshie’s recent interview with Blouin Art info here.

30 April, 2016

Widewalls discusses textile culture and the role of materialism in the work of Gallery 1957 artist Zohra Opoku

In West Africa, clothes are not only material things, they depict ideas of civil status, identity, family background and personal style. Discussing the German Ghanaian artist Zohra Opoku’s upcoming solo exhibition at Gallery 1957, Widewalls examines the ways in which clothing and fashion impacts the individual: philosophically, psychologically and socially.

Read the article here.

16 April, 2016

CCQ Magazine explores contemporary artistic practice in Ghana

Gallery 1957 is delighted to have hosted CCQ in Accra. The newest issue of the magazine includes a series of features exploring contemporary artistic practice in Ghana today. CCQ worked collaboratively with artist Serge Attukwei Clottey and artistic collective GoLokal on a series of performative portraits photographed at their homes Labadi. The issue also features interviews with Creative Director Nana Oforiatta Ayim, artist Ibrahim Mahama and painter Jeremiah Quarshie. Read the issue here.

8 April, 2016

It’s alright! It’s alright! Bienal de São Paulo research days in Accra

As part of the research for the Bienal de São Paulo, a series of study days are taking place throughout the world to guide the investigative journey leading up to the exhibition. In light of the history between West Africa and Brazil, Accra is one of the four host cities. Afro-Brazilian Muslims settled in West African coastal nations following the most significant slave rebellion in Brazil, the Malê Revolt in 1835.The Accra Study Days, entitled It’s alright! It’s alright!, are taking place 7 April to 10 April 2016 and employ this historical backdrop as a starting point. The Study Days will be framed around a series of exploratory mapping exercises focused on historical memory as that which is on a continuous loop; not only as pasts, but as futures. ANO is a local partner, and Creative Director of Gallery 1957 Nana Oforiatta Ayim and artists Serge Attukwei Clottey and Zohra Opoku are participating. The 32nd edition of the Bienal de Sao Paulo is curated by Jochen Volz, and co‐curated by Gabi Ngcobo, Julia Reboucas, Lars Bang Larsen, and Sofia Olascoaga. Entitled Live Uncertainty, the exhibition will be held from 5 September to 11 December 2016, and will explore representations of balance and disorder in society. For more information as to which sessions are open to the public, please contact info@gallery1957.com.

8 April, 2016

Artist Zohra Opoku journeys through the Ashanti region of Ghana as part of a residency with ANO

Zohra Opoku is currently on a residency with cultural research platform ANO. Journeying through the Ashanti region of Ghana, Opoku is creating work for her upcoming solo exhibition at Gallery 1957 titled Sassa opening on 25 May. Nana Oforiatta Ayim, Founder of ANO explains: “Through the exploration of the Ashanti concept of sassa – described by art historian Ladislas Segy as ‘the soul that can also lie outside of the body and that flows through all things’ – Opoku’s work is in constant interplay with this notion of the unseen and the immanent.”

1 April, 2016

The Art Newspaper reports on Ghana’s rising art scene.

On 6 March – independence day in Ghana – a group of more than 50 men and women, dressed in their mothers’ clothes, led a crowd of spectators from the street into the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City in Accra. The performance by Serge Attukwei Clottey marked the opening of Gallery 1957.

Read the article here.

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