12 April — 7 June 2018

Michael Soi & Bright Ackwerh

Almost True


Michael Soi & Bright Ackwerh, Almost True, installation view, 2018. Courtesy Gallery 1957, Accra. Photo Nii Odzenma


Gallery 1957 presents a collaborative exhibition from two artists hailing from different sides of the continent and exploring satirical recordings of experiences within Africa.

Almost True by Michael Soi (b.1972, Kenya) and Bright Ackwerh (b. 1989, Ghana) explores satire within a public setting. The title ironically implies the narratives presented are non-truths, when in fact they are exaggerated recordings of the artists’ personal experiences. The exhibition is curated by media anthropologist and Director of African Popular Culture Studies at Ashesi University, Dr. Oduro-Frimpong.

The value of satire is often seen to only entertain, however, it is a route to highlight sensitive social, political, religious and economic concerns. Acting as an alternate narrative, satirical work can broadcast the otherwise unmentionable. Almost True highlights the appreciation for satire on a deeper level, presenting it as an authentic genre within contemporary art as well as a source of intellectual value which understands society.

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